Our Philosophy

Horse trainer and horsemanship coach with a focus on creating engagement: Engagement of The Mind, The Hind and the Topline

The cornerstone of our philosophy is engagement with a holistic approach, because each horse is unique. Horses are encouraged to engage their mind in the true sense of the word, fostering attention, curiosity, confidence, interest and motivation. We allow horses to develop their relationship with people, and build them up rather than break them. Engagement with the body then follows. We teach them to use the correct muscles to achieve true hind end engagement and build topline. This sets the horse up to carry a rider effectively and assist in preventing soundness issues into the future.

We believe that every horse has the potential to be great! Problem horses are assessed not only for their requirement for retraining, but for potential nutritional and pain issues.

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Our Story

Where It All Began

Lisa is a horse trainer and problem solver located in South East Queensland. However, it all began over 20 years ago, when Lisa’s passion for horses was ignited on her 10th birthday by the little wonder pony Tolly. After years of nagging, her father finally gave in and allowed her to get a horse, little did they know the significance this animal would play in her life.

Tolly was advertised as a “quiet 5yo.” Lisa and her mother went to view her, but they were told there was no saddle available to fit her. Lisa’s mum took her for a quick bareback ride down the road as the sellers watched on with interest. They bundled Tolly up in the float and brought her home and soon discovered that, at best, she was a well handled filly. As her mother trained Tolly, Lisa learnt to ride, and by that I mean she learnt to hang on. Lisa learnt that absolutely anything could trigger a horse to shy in terror, from mail boxes to water to a piece of plastic by the road. She also decided that the world didn’t have to be this terrifying for horses. She sought solutions which form the basis of her work as a trainer today.

Success Is Earned, Not Given

Lisa and Tolly spent many years competing in various disciplines from sporting, showjumping, hacking at shows, dressage and also dabbled in polocross and campdrafting. Tolly proved that with years of hard work and dedication you could build up a castaway, unbroken pony from the rspca, to compete with and beat the most expensive schooled ponies at pony club and on the show circuit. She learnt the importance of sweaty saddle pads and miles under saddle. She learnt that these animals are more forgiving and tolerant than they should have to be, and that you will only get out what you put in. Tolly has been a lifelong friend and taught all 3 of our kids to ride, and still stayed with us until the end of her days in 2018.

The Story Continues Today

The last 20 years have been spent working with green, unbroken, wild or problem horses. They have each presented new challenges, and allowed Lisa to hone her skills as a trainer. Lisa learn’s something new from each and every horse, they are her greatest teacher. Ultimately horses are our passion, we have dedicated many hours attending various clinics, watching endless videos and reading countless books. She is also currently studying the Bachelor of Equine Science at university. It is a dream come true to turn this passion into a career. The dream continues with you as we endeavour to help as many horses and their humans as possible.



Founder & CEO

This little pony is the once in a lifetime friend every little girl dreams of. She has not only taught me to ride but also all 3 of our children. She taught me tolerance, patience, the value of sweaty saddle pads, and she taught me how to hold on!


Reel Swagger


This boy will always have a special piece of my heart. I purchased him direct off the track, and he has been my favourite racehorse to date. He was by no means an easy horse, but he was a fantastic teacher. His willingness to learn and work for me and the bond we had really encouraged me to better myself as a rider and a trainer. He tragically and unexpectedly crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2017




Valentina is an incredibly sentimental horse to me. She is December 2014 foal, and a Valentine’s Day present from my husband. I have started her gently under saddle, and she has rewarded me with as a calm and willing partner. She also featured in our wedding photo shoot March 2018, an incredible feat for a 3 year old filly to carry me cantering along the beach in my wedding gown!

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