Horse Starting

It is a privilege to start a horse under saddle. We understand the importance of laying a good foundation to produce a happy and healthy riding partner. Therefore, we don’t believe in rushing horses or using harsh techniques to scare a horse into submission. Our techniques center around evidence based practice which promote horse welfare. As a result this creates a horse who is an engaged learner, a willing participant in training who is motivated and responsive, yet calm and confident.

Helping Problem Horses

We recognise that not all horses have had a good start to their interactions with people and/or their riding career. Horses present negative behaviours as a means to ask for help. We address underlying causes of problem behaviour where possible because the outcome is lasting. Then we use our techniques to help give the horse a better alternative to their unwanted behaviours. An unwanted behaviour can range from a subtle refusal to engage the hind end, to bucking like a bronco. We are here to help troubleshoot and/or re-train as required.


We all know that communication is a two way street. It is our goal that all of the horses started and trained at Reel Heart Equestrian go on to have positive riding relationships with their owners. We acknowledge that we need to do more than engage the horse in learning, but also teach the owner to teach! Horses are constantly learning from every interaction with their owner, so we believe this is integral to the horse’s future. We offer horsemanship coaching inclusive with starting services. We also offer horsemanship coaching on a session by session basis at your property.

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What to Expect

Every horse learns at their own pace, based on a variety of factors such as age, breed, personality and past experiences. We aim to work towards creating a horse who is calm and confident, and who is an engaged learner with an engaged body ready to take on a riding career.

We believe in keeping owners involved every step of the way. Therefore, on your horses departure date, you are entitled to two hours tuition. This includes a demonstration of all the wonderful things your horse can now do, with pointers for how to progress into the future. We believe in empowering you, the horse owner, so that you can bring the best out of your horse and have a successful riding future together.

For further insight into our training methods and philosophies, please head on over to our blog. This information and resources is available free to help promote ethical training and enhance well being.


Horses kept on property at Reel Heart Equestrian can expect an individual yard with ample forage and a basic diet provided inclusive in the training package. We request that horses are up to date with worming and 2 in 1 vaccine for biosecurity purposes.

We have separate training equipment to use for trainees, which is disinfected prior to use. If you wish for your horse to be rugged these must be provided.

We can assist with transport to and from our property by prior arrangement at an additional cost.

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