Meet the Reel Heart Equestrian graduates and read their stories. Every horse is a unique individual and a product of their cumulative life experiences. There is so much to learned from considering the horse as a whole living being and addressing underlying issues that lead to training and soundness issues. I have chosen to write about a few of the interesting horses who I have worked with, in order to help you think outside the box when troubleshooting with your horse at home.


horse lameness sacro iliac laminitis thoroughbred training

Ace was an eight year old thoroughbred off the track who came for training in July 2018. He presented with back end lameness of unknown origin, but all is not what it seems with this guy! Read more


Destiny is a four year old mare who arrived for training in May 2019


Earl is a nine year old standardbred who was off the track originally and we adopted him through the Standardbred Association of Queensland in August 2018.