Immerse yourself in a full day of horsemanship with your project horse, then follow up with 3 one-on-one sessions to keep you on the right track.

Clinic Outcomes

  • Practical experience with timing and feel
  • Remove frustrations – both for the horse and the handler
  • De-escalation and anxiety management strategies
  • Confidence building – both for the horse and the handler
  • Build a positive relationship with your horse


Clinic Day

When: 10th April 2020

  • Initial assessment of your horse
  • One-on-one session working with you and your horse
  • Observe and learn from each of the horses at various stages of training

Limited to maximum 8 horse and riders to maximise one-on-one time

Follow Up Sessions

Personalised training plan following on from the clinic with three 2-hour horsemanship sessions.

Lesson Dates:

  • 25th April
  • 9th May
  • 10th May
  • 16th May
  • 17th May
  • 23rd May

Location: Reel Heart Equestrian, Jimboomba QLD


$348 all inclusive (clinic + 3 sessions)

To sign up click here and nominate 3 dates from above as your preferred lesson dates.

Clinic Background

Horses have a naturally strong flight reflex and in order to make a calm and connected partner we need to teach the horse to relax. In addition, most of the problems we encounter when training horses are a result of fear and anxiety, so it makes sense that the answers lie within teaching the horse relaxation.

Whether you are starting a horse for the first time or re-starting due to problems, for a horse to relax they need to feel safe and understand their environment, including the people in it. This can be achieved through clear communication that makes sense to both horse and handler. As a trainer you need to develop awareness of the behaviours you are rewarding and discouraging.

From this, we can develop specific goals so that you can be clearer in your communication and reduce confusion for your horse. You’ll learn not only how to communicate what you want to your horse but also how to read some of their more subtle body language cues so you can truly listen to your horse.

We will frame horse behaviour in a positive light, looking for and rewarding the try. This helps to make training kinder and less frustrating for both the horse and the handler.

There will be a brief introduction to some basic bodywork principles that will begin to develop your timing and feel and connection with your horse, setting you up for success as a trainer. Having the skills to monitor and assess your horse’s body during training and competition will help you identify emerging problems early before they become behavioural issues.

To sign up click here and nominate 3 dates from above as your preferred lesson dates.